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Here's a fun contest thing for the community!!

A quiz! yes yes, i know this is not school...But still!

The rules:

[]You get one chance to answer as many questions as possible!
[]Post a comment to this post, saying that you are entering the contest.
[]Do NOT post your answers in a comment! Email them to me!(this prevents people from cheating!!)
[]You do not have to answer all questions; just answer as many as you can.
[]The winner will be determined by who answers the most questions correctly. In the event of a tie, there is a bonus question.
[]You must be a member of the community to enter!

The Prize:
[]The winner will get one of their choice: a blinkie, icon, or layout personalized/made for them! cheesy yes! but if you have any better ideas for a prize email them to me!! Suggestions please! (i will not give away money...i'm too poor to just throw money around like that...lol)

Ok! Now off to the questions! Some are very easy...Some are more difficult!

1. In a Lizzie McGuire episode, Lizzie wanted to buy a pair of expensive jeans to win "Best Dressed" at her school. How much were the jeans?

2.Which store sold them?

3. Finish this saying (with the correct words/phrase) "Nothing gold ________"

4. From which song does this line come from? "I wish I could drive away to the sunset
Back to the day that we first met"
and who sings it?

5. In Zodiac signs, is Aquarius a water, air, earth or fire sign?

6. Which is NOT a member from Simple Plan: Pierre, Chuck, Mike, or David?

7. Papa Roach sings the song "Time and Time Again" as a commercial for which product?

8. At the 2001 Academy Awards, what film won for Best Animated Picture?

9. 7-Eleven's line of iced cappuccinos, is called what?

10. On money, which bill does not have a type of building/memorial on the back of it?

11. On the $20 bill, which president is on the front?

12. What is the name of track # 7 on the Kool & The Gang: Greatest Hits album?

13. What are the 3 types of RNA made in cells? abbreviations are fine...

14. What is Corey and Eric Matthew's little sister's name on the TV show Boy Meets World

15. What is the name of Allister's album, on which track #15 is Waiting For You?

16. What show comes on the Disney Channel at 6:30, Monday - Thursday?

17. Aaron Carter recently guest starred on a TV show. What TV show was it?

18. What was his character's name?

19. What are the names of the members in the band The Movie Life

20. What is Raven's little brother's name on the TV show "That's So Raven"?

And in case of a tie: What is the drummer's full name in Something Corporate?

[]Now enter, damnit!! Remember the rules!! Email addy: xprettybabyx1277x@yahoo.com

EDIT:ryan_lee Got 5 correct! Soooo all of you keep gettin those answers in!!! and don't forget to post a comment if you are entering!! easier for me that way!
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