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Alrite fatties I got my questions up...Just remember to e-mail ur answers to me

Oh and the winner gets $2.00 and a icon or w/e u want=) Alrite so start moving those fingers and get started!! I need all the answers on March 14th before 10 p.m tho..kk hope to hear from u soon =)

|1| Where did cone from Sum41 get his nickname from?

||2| When is Limp Bizkit's new cd coming out?

||3|..What is it called?

||4| In Buffy, who is Michelle Tractenburg's character??

||5| On Wednesday nights on channel 7, what is on at 8:00??

||6| Finish the lyric- I've got something up my sleeve, that I don't want to show u cuz ______

||7| What is the main ingrediant in specific or else it doesn't count!

||8| On the Blink182 cd...on the inside flap what does the picture for First Date show??

||9|The girls from T.A.T.U are from what city and country?

||10| Why doesn't Benji from GC like Britney Spears?

||11| What does coalesce mean?

||12| What is the title to #6's song? And who sings it?

||13| Finish the lyric- The sun is gone, the nights are long, and i _______..[must be word for word!!]

||14|How much of the air is Oxygen? (percentage plz!)

||15| What does GIF stand for?

||16| On the television program *extended play* what is the hosts name?

||17| What is the principles name on HEY ARNOLD?

||18| Name two war movies Josh Hartnett starred in::

||19| What is the name of my dog?

||20| On the sign on screen for AIM on the bottom where it says "Sign On" what color is the little man?
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