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Ok! FINALLY a new Question thing!! and enter dang it!!

Once again here are the rules:

[]You get one chance to answer as many questions as possible!
[]Post a comment to this post, saying that you are entering the contest.
[]Do NOT post your answers in a comment! Email them to me! (this prevents people from cheating!!)
[]You do not have to answer all questions; just answer as many as you can.
[]The winner will be determined by who answers the most questions correctly. In the event of a tie, there is a bonus question.
[]You must be a member of the community to enter!

The Prize:
[]The winner will get one of their choice: a blinkie, icon, or layout personalized/made for them! cheesy yes! but if you have any better ideas for a prize email them to me!! Suggestions please! (i will not give away money...i'm too poor to just throw money around like that...lol)

Ok! Now off to the questions! Some are very easy...Some are more difficult!

1. What is the name of Steve Martin's character in the movie "Parenthood" ?
2. In the movie "Hocus Pocus", what is the main character's little sister's name? (The main character's name is Max)

3. Name one of the main writers from the magazine YM

4. Finish the Lyric: Police records said they wouldn't exist, i wanna know the ___________

5. What is the name of that song?

6. Kevin Bacon plays Ren McCormick in what 1984 movie?

7. Find the answer to this problem: 2345634 -78654 / (divided by) 6 x 3 + 744 x 0

8. The monster in The Sim's Vacation expansion pack is called the what?

9. What's the name of the Savage Garden song that uses the phrase "Chic-a-Cherry-Cola"?

10. What does D.A.R.E stand for?

11. What are the real names of the girls in the group The Donnas?

14. Who plays Samantha in the movie "Sixteen Candles"?

15. What is the max. number of buddies you can have on your AIM buddy list?

16. What is Ashton Kutcher's full name?

17. What is his twin brother's name? (you don't need his full name...i dont even know that...)

18. Who plays Kate Sanders on Lizzie McGuire?

19. Which of these doesn't fit and why? (ya need both to get this one correct!) wondering, hold on, walk by, girls & boys

20. Name a song by Less Than Jake.

[]Ok since i want people to answer these, and get them correct i have a couple site reccomendations that you can use to get the answers to alot of these questions:

[]For questions about movies/tv shows try: Us.ImDb.com

[]For questions about songs/lyrics try: SoundLyrics

[]For any other kinds of questions: Ask Jeeves

Alright so that's it!! This contest will be over at 10 pm on Friday Night!! So get crackin!!! =) Email all answers to me: xprettybabyx1277x@yahoo.com

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